Friday, September 26, 2008


This seems to be an interesting new framework which uses some libraries from PLaneT.

According to the website


Automatic creation of the basic directory structure of your project
A "Hello, World" with zero lines of code
Simple data persistance storage through the "record" abstraction
No databases or schemas
Session and cookie support
User accounts and authentication out-of-the-box
Easy form creation
Simple URL mappings (like Rails' routes)

Documentation is sort of lacking and I am currently figuring it out.
The website for the framework is at

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Mashing up
Here is something that I did in yahoo pipes. It shows how that using a query from the user you can search multiple websites. It accomplishes this by sending a query to a few torrent search engines (mininova, isohunt, btjunkie, sumotorrent). This is accomplished by the URL builder module for each website. Then it fetches the RSS feed from all of those websites and puts them into a combined RSS feed (Fetch Feed Module) . The last two things that it does is it filters all of the unique RSS feeds and then sorts them by item.pubdate so that the latest torrents are found first in the pipe.