Monday, December 10, 2007

Book of Poems Up On Lulu

My poetry book Dabru Emet is online at lulu. I used LaTeX to typeset the inside. Also, Emacs + AucTeX was my development environment It is available in digital and dead tree formats. From the text

The scheme

For when I found the holy lisp
So pure the curves that are parens
With a report merely one short text
Of beauty's simplicty

I knew that lisp was for me
But then there was a choice
Of thousand page lisp's
That is when I prayed for mercy

My goddess answered my call
With the flowers of recursion
And the lexical wildflower of scope
All around the syntax tree

I heard "Scheme shall show you the path
To beauty through simplicity
Not a thousand page tower of babel
But merely the essential fraction"

And I rejoiced and heeded her call
Found the purple tome of wizard's
The structure of the spells
And their interpretation

My eyes have been opened
To the spells of functions
And the beauty that lies
In the scheme that is

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1 comment:

Barak said...

But lo, what vast tome
Of indolent redundant perfusion
Doth ruin my poetry's scan
And stab in heart beloved reports
This evil desecration R6RS
Barak Pearlmutter